Importance of Different Kinds of Tags This 2016

Aside from the trusted website development Kuwait, a sturdy SEO campaign is the secret in increasing the site’s traffic and visibility. Though backlinks are important in building social media presence, on-page optimization is also unnoticeably important.



You might find it hard to believe but the reality is, tags are considered as a fairly crucial aspect when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Title tags, meta tags, header tags and blog post tags, all are beneficial to increase site traffic and audience engagement.

In this article, we will tackle the importance of different tags when it comes to Search Engine Optimization this 2016.

Title Tags

Title tags are utilized by search engines to define a particular page topic that can be seen in SERPs.

Importance: An optimized title tag will result to better site rankings, more than what it once was. This 2016, keywords consistency is the main target of Google Search Engines. It will no longer require exact keywords inserted in title tags, instead it will compare same keywords throughout the entire site content.

Header Tags

Header tags or the HTML markup is ultimately used by web developer Kuwait to identify headings from subheadings. They are mostly run as h1-h6.

Importance: A recent statistics show that a certain site who just recently utilized SEO-friendly header tags increased their ranking from 320 into the top spot.

Blog Post Tags

Almost all blogging platform offer this ability to manually add contextual tags to their specific post. These are known to be “blog post tags”.

Those tags in your blog post are basically part of your taxonomy. They are precisely categorizing specific topics from one another. They are also the once responsible in providing visitors the exact grouped posts according to categories.

Importance: This 2016, make sure to precisely name your posts with right tags because Google is providing a high quality tagging for easier Google search.


Your SEO strategy wouldn’t be complete without tags. You need to utilize it effectively so you can have the most out of the SEO strategy that you have and web designer Kuwait will help you readily with that. Make sure to optimize your site content with related blogs so you can boost and enhance your site rankings.


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